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Are you believing God for something that is taking longer than you thought or expected? If you are praying according to His promises, no matter how long you may have been standing, don’t give up! Your season is coming. Your harvest of blessing is on its way. It might be today, it might be tomorrow, it might be next week, next month or next year; but remember, at the right time you will experience your breakthrough. Be encouraged today because God is faithful, and His promises are true. Keep standing, keep hoping, keep believing. Keep doing good. Keep declaring the promises of God over your life. Choose to be around people who are going to encourage you and fill your heart and mind with God’s Word. Let a song of praise come out of your mouth. As you continue to press on in faith and keep an attitude of victory, you will see your harvest of blessing and live as an overcomer in every area of your life.

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when you type ‘tanks’ instead of ‘thanks’


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morning tantrums again mom really

every dream with your face in it now automatically becomes a bad one

because every sickness, every weakness in me is designed for me to have the chance to prove myself as an overcomer through christ jesus eh? in that case, mission accepted, bring it on. 😎